About the Designer

Shoma’s roots lie in Trinidad and Tobago, the majestic twin-island Republic located in the southern end of the Caribbean island chain.

After having successfully graduated from a Marketing and Business Development program at the tertiary-level in Canada, her creative talents led her to join the fashion industry in 2014. Although the ambitious graduate has never been formally educated in the sector, her unmistakable passion and unyielding dedication to excellence guided her professional pursuits to co-establish a women’s resort fashion label in the Caribbean. The regional brand, which was well-received and amassed overwhelming support, was recognized in several features in various staple Caribbean publications. In recognition of the brand’s success, the reputable Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry & Commerce acknowledged the fashion label through its “Champions of Business” Awards. The nomination in the prestigious “Start Up Award” for the brands outstanding achievements has been a most notable accomplishment in Shoma’s career.

In turning the page on that invaluable chapter of her calling, and in an effort to remain true to the vividity of her fashion direction, Shoma has launched her namesake label in 2020.

She leans into her love and adoration for prints and creates garments for the modern woman as an avenue to vibrantly express the beauty and style of her culture through design. Refined, sophisticated approaches to her body of work has always been a core aesthetic for Shoma. It is this sound point of view that succinctly represents the Caribbean; one that she aspires to translate into the brand values of Shoma The Label.

Her continuing global focus is to bring “Trinbagonian” culture to life through fashion and to create unique pieces that reflect the many chapters of the rich Caribbean story, inspired by Shoma’s evolving journey.

The SS24 Collection

As we drift away from the enchanting shores of the Magic Island, Casa Caribe beckons with a narrative rich in the reclamation of our French and Spanish roots, weaving them into a regional aesthetic that resonates with the soul of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Casa Caribe is a celebration of connections and rediscoveries. As the vibrancy and warmth of Colombia touched my heart, I found echoes of Trinidad’s multifaceted culture in its streets and smiles. The fusion of Spanish influences and Trinidad’s diverse heritage became a canvas for creativity, reflecting a Trinbagonian woman’s indomitable spirit, her vibrant aura, and her flair.

This collection delves into the depth of French Creole heritage, particularly its profound impact on Caribbean Carnival and the matriarchal society of Paramin where there is still a very strong tradition of hand tailoring, which is deeply rooted in our past, and must be preserved and revitalized in the present.

Casa Caribe is not just a collection; it’s a journey that celebrates our collective history through the art of fashion. It merges the exquisite prints designed by Colombian artists with the enduring elegance of French Creole fashion, creating a tapestry of stories told through fabric and design.

A fusion of the mighty Andes and the spirited island of Trinidad. The prints capture the essence of both lands, blending mountainous grandeur with tropical vibrancy, symbolizing a journey across continents where distinct cultures harmoniously intertwine. The sunset ombré mirrors the breathtaking Caribbean sunsets, symbolizing hope, adventure, and the eternal beauty of nature.It is a tribute to nature’s diverse and vibrant tapestry ; A celebration of the flora from both Trinidad and Colombia.

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