Tropical Masquerade, Spring Summer 2021 cloaked us in the majesty of our 1dent1ty. It refocused our viewpoint towards the islands, nestled under the Caribbean sun. And there, in the sway of a steel pan’s symphony, our love for home was reawakened. In the center of nature’s frolic, bountiful silhouettes danced in a Trinbagonian breeze. Contained in the current of this abundant wind, whispers of its origins were heard.

And in an elegant flurry, our love swept us into its beginnings.

Harvest takes you on an exploration of love, through a perspective of beauty, that appears as a consequence of struggle. That a thing is more beautiful because of its experience than the glow one wears after overcoming it.

A fruit that is ripe shows nothing of its scuffle with the elements and one who walks with their shoulders back, has no doubt carried weight upon it.

A revelation of this amplitude ushers in temperate tones of beiges and browns, creating the foundation for lush greens and a soft sunset palette. Though the toil of soil may bear weight, their fruits are filled with substance. With greens as deep as leaves rich with chlorophyll, and a fusion of corals, oranges, and reds.

The Lookbook
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